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Partnership for Long-Term Care Insurance Home Page

Ohio long-term care insurance companies can now offer policies that qualify under the state's Long-term care Partnership Insurance Program. Partnership insurance offers a way for people to buy long-term care insurance, receive policy benefits and protect a matching amount of assets if they need to apply for Medicaid. With any insurance policy, it is important for the consumer to choose the type of coverage that fits their needs. Only you can decide if Long Term Care insurance is right for you. Your decision should depend on personal health and wealth matters.

When weighing long-term care planning options, you need you need to be sure you do your homework: get a realistic idea of what you need and how much you can afford to pay. Make sure you can pay the premiums and still have enough money for basic needs such as housing, food, medicines, etc. Ask a trusted friend or relative to join you when an agent visits your home. Also, have them review the policy to see what you may have missed. Shop around — long-term care policies can have big differences in price and benefits.


The deadline for the first required data submission by insurers regarding active Partnership policies in force is rapidly approaching---August 1, 2009. We are trying to ensure that all insurers with active PQ policies in force comply with the data reporting requirements. In order for insurers to transmit data files to Thomson Reuters, they must first pre-register with Thomson Reuters in order to establish data transmission protocols. Very few insurers have pre-registered thus far, and we are making an effort to reach out to the industry to ensure that registration occurs on a timely basis.

Registration is a very simple process, and can be conducted by filling out a brief form on the Partnership website at: